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Hey! Say! Jump!: Listen to us Rant!!!
HSJ Rant Cast: Episode 002 - The One Where Ryutaro's Mentioned in Every Segment 
19th-Aug-2011 10:18 pm

MC: Luna
Members: Izzy, Kevin, Mika, Yan

Hey! Say! NEWS

  • Summary 2011 Started

  • 3 News Videos [1] [2] [3]

    • Takaki doing trapeeze with Chinen!?

    • Yamada and Daiki doing tightrope.

    • Smurfs

    • Yuto getting owned by a 9 year old.

    • Other 9 HSJ members apologizing for Ryutaro

  • HSJ New Single "Magic Power" Releasing September 21st!

    • LE 1 - HSB's School Days and DVD w/ Magic Power PV and Making of Footage

    • LE 2 - HS7's GET!! and DVD w/ 30 minute footage from HSJ & Yuuki100% Spring Concert in Nagoya

    • Regular has Beat Line, Nemuri no Mori, and Be Alive + Karaoke tracks

JUMP Solo Corner - Morimoto Ryutaro

  • Ryutaro will be back! (Someday) [1] (Credit: kenken18)

Blast from the Past

  • Ryutaro pranking Yamada and Yuto [1]


  • Last week's question: What do you think of Ryutaro’s suspension?

  • This week's question: Who would you choose from HSJ to be your Romeo?

Comment with your answer to this week's You-tachi question and your answer might be read in next week's podcast!

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