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Hey! Say! Jump!: Listen to us Rant!!!
HSJ Rant Cast: Episode 003 
19th-Oct-2011 07:42 pm

MC: Izzy
Members: Luna, Kim

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 Hey! Say! NEWS
  • Guinness World Records - HSJ included in Johnny’s record for most concerts produced by an individual.
  • Johnny’s Net - Magic Power vid http://www.johnnys-net.jp/j/jfc_movie_main.html
    • Talk and part of PV
    • Scroll down
  • Magic Power PV - Thoughts
  • Magic power is 1st in the oricon charts. (Tokyograph)
  • Best Jeanist - Yuto placed 9th with 422 votes
JUMP Solo Corner -
  • Yuto Myojo November translation and Popolo October translation by [info]manatsubi
  • http://aiscreamu.livejournal.com/5058.html217,661 sold
    • Pairing name with Takaki = TakaJima
    • Nakajima: "So that Takaki won't be Takagi, it's not "shima", but it's "jima". So don't get it wrong, alright?"
    • Play percussion instruments in Brazil!
    • See a concert in Mexico!
    • Feel the ROCK in America.
  • Who would you choose from HSJ to be your Romeo?
    • No comments from listeners. SAD.
  • This week: Which member from HSJ do you think is most likely to fall out of a tree and into your life? 

Listeners!!! Comment~~~ Answer the You-tachi question.
Also, the audition deadline is no longer October 15th! Interested members please emails us at hsj.podcast@gmail.com
Sorry this took so long! I (Izzy) had to learn how to mix audio to put this episode together. 

Izzy Yamada
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