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Hey! Say! Jump!: Listen to us Rant!!!
Happy birthday Jen! We all have messages for you~!… 
14th-Aug-2011 04:41 pm
Happy birthday Jen! We all have messages for you~!


We've known each other for over a year now, but we haven't gotten to know each other that well. :( But that'll change right? :D I don't know what to write so I'm going to start rambling now but I'm better at rambling when I'm half-asleep and I'm fully awake right now so it's hard to ramble and I'm actually thinking about what I'm saying which I shouldn't do but I can't help it and yeah. But happy birthday and I love you and so does everyone else and I wish you good luck in college and you need to bring your mic so you can come podcast with us and yeah because we love you and you need to come podcast with us and I bet I've already said that. I've already wished you a happy birthday like 4 days ago, but I'll say it again. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I really wish you an awesome b-day Jenny~!!!!!~ Full of TAKAYAMAAAA! LOL <3333333
You deserve only the best and don't forget that! You're such an awesome and adorable girl! That's why you should be more confident about yourself!!~<333333
I'm really no good with this kind of stuff lol! But be sure that I adore you(even if we never met) and wish you all the happiness and TakaYama of the world! I also hope you'll find a japanese boyfriend if that's what you want(Even if I'm a way better option! ;D)! And also good luck with your dreams about studying in Japan! If you really give your best I'm sure you'll get everything you wish!
And lets go to a JUMP con together, ok???
Love you lots~~


JEN JEN!!! ♥♥♥♥♥
How long have I known you for, two years? It's been great knowing you!!! Okay, that sounded kind of like a good-bye? Haha. OMG Thank you for the awesomely cute Yamada shop pic last year! <333 And also, yay for Takayama!!! ^.^ It's been a while since I've chatted with you outside the HSJ podcast group. D= We need to talk more!!! =D Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I hope you have a super-Cali-frigi-tastic-mazing birthday!! ♥



First of all I want to say happy happy happy birthday. You're one year older and that means you're becoming more mature and you're turning into a young fine lady that you are anyways. So, I do hope that you will have fun on your birthday whether you celebrate it with your family or friends or just by yourself. I know for sure that all of your wishes will do come true or maybe some of it came true already. Don'y forget if you want to celebrate it again, I'm up for party-ing so holler at me. I'm sure will come up with something to do with the rest of the rant cast members LOL. Anyways, in the end I want to tell you that keep on doing what you've been doing with your life so far. In terms of your school, social life and what not and I'm sure you'll be fine. Just stay the way you are be happy forever :)

Love, An-chan :)

P.S. Cheesy I know but that's what I want to say :)

Happy Birthday Jen! We love you lots and it's such a shame we haven't talked as often as I'd like to. But we've known each other for around a a year now! Almost two years I believe xD I'll always love hearing your amazing chipmunk conversations with Kevin! And one more thing; take me to Japan with you in your luggage please. LOL JK! I love you lots and I hope you have a fabulous birthday! <3


Happy Birthday Jen! Sparkly Rainbow Takayama. BAM BAM BLAMO! Have a nice day.


Happy birthday to my one and only Jenny Jen Jen!!
I really wish I could send you takayama with whip cream and strawberries haha
Anyways I hope you have a great year! Keep doing well in school! Always rootin for ya<3
love you lots!

Yanny Yan Yan <3
nicholas cat
17th-Aug-2011 04:47 pm (UTC)
OMGGGGG. THANK YOU EVERYONE!! I was so surprised to see this!!! <333 *late reply too* xD

@Luna: LUNAAAAAAAAAAAA! LOL! xD Of course that can change! :3 I apologize for not being able to participate in those random calls and such. xD I'm just in my little antisocial world currently. xD Thank youuu~! You know I still love you! *sigh* Fine I'll bring it... xD Though I don't guarantee being able to participate in podcasts! xD I'll do meh best though!

@Bunny: THANK YOUUU!!! AND I LOVE YOU MOOOOOORE!!! xD Thank youuu!! I WILL GLADLY DO THAT... TAKAYAMAAAAAAAA! <333333333 Aww... thank you.. but I'm not,. really.. Bunny ish way prettier! xD YES I SHALL FIND A JAPANESE BF! I wish yuo the best with that, too! XD Pssh. xD Bunny, there are way better guys than.. .me. And I'm not a guy either. xD THANK YOU! And yes! That's a promise okay?! Watching a con together one day~

@Izzy: IZZY~!!!!!!!!!! ♥ Excuse meh comp... hearts won't show up damnit. xD <333333333333333333 I've known you for quite a while now! xD *HUGS* Yes... it's not like I'm dying! ;w; Aww.. you're welcome! xDDD You deserve it! XD I know right? Except for like on FB. xP Random comments here and there. xD YES WE SHOULD!! Thank youuu~!! <3333

@An-chan: Thank youu~! xD Aww.. I don't think I'm turning into a "fine young lady" but... xDDD I definitely had a fun b-day and spent it with both family and friends. xD *HAPPY* Aww.. I hope they do come true~ xD I don't think I do parties.. xDD Heehee~ Thank you so much! For some reason, I feel that you're older than me... xD Well.. more mature than me because of the way you said those words. Not cheesy at all! <3 I thought it was very meaningful so thank you~

@Mika: Thank youuu~!! I love you, too! xD Yeah.. it is.. T___T I wish I could talk to all my friends like.. 24/7 but then I want to do my own stuff and then you want to do yours.. and then bad timing and real life... and etc. xDDD Whenever we can.. we shall! :3 Heehee~ It's my thing though. xP OKAY! I'LL REMEMBER TO DO THAT! I had a wonderful b-day so thank you again! <33333333

@Kevin: Thanks! LMAO. How did I know you would say something like that. xPPP

@Yan: Aww... Thank youuuuu~!!! <3333 LMAO! I wish you could, too! ;w; *CRIES* But it's the thought that counts so yeah... thanks again! <3 I'll do my best! Love you more~! <33333
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